3rd Annual Coffee for Champions to be Held this Friday

Peperusha Binti is back this year for another sickle-cell fundraiser event taking place this month at the Royal City Hotel in Kisumu, Kenya.

This year’s October 20 Coffee for Champions fundraiser will mark the third consecutive year the women-led organization has held the event.

Since 2021, Peperusha Binti founder Sharon Jesscah Odhiambo and her team have organized Coffee for Champions to raise awareness of sickle cell disease and raise funds to help purchase medicine for children from underprivileged homes/families in Kisumu.

The past two years have been monumental with many children receiving life-saving medication to manage sickle-cell anemia. This year, the team is gearing up for an even bigger impact.

“We are glad that the previous events have always been so successful and engaging,” Odhiambo told The Weight She Carries. “The main difference this year is getting to involve more stakeholders, partners, and individuals, including the Ministry of Health in the event.”

In 2021, Peperusha Binti was able to raise enough funds to buy medication for 10 children from underprivileged families. Last year, five children were supported with medication for three months.

“The planning is going on well despite some little challenges here and there,” Odhiambo said. “Our goal this year is to support 20 children and to convince some of the stakeholders to adopt a child and support the purchase of the medicines for them for at least 3- 6 months or even more.”

The cause hits close to home for Odhiambo. She was diagnosed with sickle cell disease when she was just three months old, and vividly remembers spending most of her days in pain as a child. You can read her story here.

Several organizations have come on board to sponsor this year’s Coffee for Champions faundraiser, including Power DaDa, Urban Radio, Nafasi Innovations, Soulevement, and more.

During the event, attendees will enjoy various activities that are both educational and engaging. There will be panel discussions with different doctors and caregivers to educate the audience about sickle cell.

Coffee for Champions will be held this Friday, Oct. 20 at 2 p.m. at Royal City Hotel in Kisumu.

“We would request people to support this because we have so many children out there who need our help in getting the drugs, but we can only manage to render our help if we have good support from people,” Odhiambo said. “We request for more people to buy tickets to help us realize our goal.”

Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the gate.

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