A New Normal

I took this photo several years ago. This eucalyptus tree used to be outside my parents’ old house. However, with thunderstorms that had brought down other trees in the neighbourhood in the past, this tree was eventually cut down as a precaution. It was quite a tall tree, which you can’t really get a sense of in this picture, so it also destroyed other trees in its path as it came down.

After the tree came down, the yard looked so bare without it. Where there was once a towering branch was now a pitiful stump. Years of growth and existence were reduced to almost nothing. But after a while, I got used life without the great eucalyptus tree in the yard. It became the new normal.

Sometimes, we have to cut out things from our lives that are reluctant to go – thoughts, habits, and relationships that do us more harm than good. When we let them go, our lives look…weird…empty. We may be tempted to pick them back up. But if we can just push through the initial oddness of no longer having them in our lives, we can also find a new normal…a healthier normal.

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