Author & Life Coach Evermore Kangani: “Success Comes in Layers”

Evermore Kangani is a published author of Power of Prayer and Beauty for Ashes. She is a professional life coach, cohost of a relationship show, a leader, nurse, and minister of the Word. She seeks to heal the world through Christ and helps people discover and use their spiritual gifts. Her passion revolves around helping people discover their purpose on this earth, public speaking, mentoring and counseling. In her spare time, she loves travelling and spending time in nature.

What motivated you to write?

My motivation is the idea that somewhere, someday, something I write will make a difference. I’ve read books that have altered the course of my life, and I hope someday to deliver a book that does the same for others. Where can I inspire? Where can I make a difference? Where can the words I write open up a world of possibilities for somebody else? These thoughts motivate me.

Tell us more about your books

My books are packed with knowledge and wisdom. They work as a roadmap to get you from devastation to wholeness. They prompt you to examine your inner self, life lessons, faith in God, perseverance, patience, endurance, a purpose-driven life, developing an intimate relationship with God through prayer, and every little thing that is a part of the Christian life.

Are your books from any personal experiences?

You know, when the Holy Spirit first told me about Beauty for Ashes, he said it was going to be an expression of my life’s story. I kept asking what story my life was telling, and he said everyone has a story to tell. During that period, I was going through a lot of redefining moments in my life, which involved getting hurt and recovering. I suffered a severe heartbreak 6 years ago and lost 6 kgs. I had no one to talk to or to cry on. Those I talked to took it as a joke. But in those moments of pain, God started to heal me and repair my broken heart. I also realized some young ladies like me are suffering silently from pain – matters of the heart – but they can’t share their stories because no one around them can be trusted with their story. I am a wounded healer. God healed me from my broken pieces and made me whole again.

The main focus of Beauty for Ashes is hope and healing. This is why the book starts with explaining forgiveness and healing, answering salient questions to the reader about themselves, and a devotional to help guide them through.

Writing Power of Prayer…I discovered the importance of patience in life as a kid when all I wanted was for our tomatoes to grow. Tasty, ripe tomatoes come to those who wait for them to grow. Eating ones that aren’t quite ripe just isn’t the same. I learned early on that being patient pays off.

But trying to become a more patient person is hard work. In fact, it can be very frustrating to cultivate patience as a Christian.

The effort is worth it. When you practice patience in life, you’ll reap plenty of benefits. I find out more about the importance of patience in life, how it’s developed, the impact of patience in relationships, and more.

But all these I developed spending time in the presence of God and having an intimate relationship with Him. I learned patience is a virtue in all the circumstances I face. I am no longer satisfied with instant gratification but waiting on God.

What would your advice be in regard to the healing process and forgiveness in one’s life?

The journey of healing starts when you accept you have been wounded or hurt. The proof of the healing process and forgiveness is then determined by whether you feel a negative emotion whenever you meet the offender i.e. jealousy, rage, anger, hurt, evil intent, wishing them dead etc). Forgiveness brings peace to your heart and it allows you to reclaim your power. Unresolved trauma often causes patterns of self-destruction.

What is your advice to young women who have a passion for writing?

Just start, be authentic. Don’t write what you know but what you feel. Success comes in layers. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

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