Be Your Own Fan

Sometimes your life will take an unexpected turn and everything and everyone around you will seem new. Your story suddenly changes and not everyone will understand or believe you. Your transformation is questioned all the time and your testimony is based on other people’s success or failure stories.

The truth is, some stories are hard to share and can only be explained after an experience. Unfortunately, most of the time, great testimonies never make it beyond tears, pain and the heartbreak, not because the stories are not worth sharing, but because the storytellers are scared of being judged.

Funny enough, we are all being judged for everything, including the things we can’t control.

I know how it feels to have people judge you and question your story because you have a different story from the one they are used to. Some felt it was attention seeking, while others felt my story was unauthentic simply because they were not part of my journey. All they have is the ‘new me’ and my story.

I was stuck in one place for a while and I began to doubt my own story and the impact it could have on the lives of others. I felt as though I was just waffling with no real story to tell, and it took me a while to get out of the low self-esteem zone and get back on my feet.

It is true that some stories do not exist until a specific experience, and everyday history is being rewritten. Sometimes we cannot even find the right explanation to satisfy those around us. The question ‘why now’ is not as easy to answer as it seems when you have no idea at all.

You really don’t owe anyone an explanation. If they choose not to believe in your transformation, believe in it yourself. Be your own fan. It is authentic even if they question you. It is your chance to grow. Embrace it all. Your story is yours to share, do so with no regret at all. They will catch up one day.

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