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  • Beauty Beyond Skin

    It is awful how society has concluded that dark skin is unacceptable, or rather ugly, if l am to be blunt. Growing up, l would often hear my elders talk of how one was beautiful because of their light skin. l would in turn scrutinize the mentioned person and discover that nope, my elders were wrong. Beauty is beauty, light-skinned or not. Skin lighteners were such a weird concept to me and still are because in high school when one of my friends started using them with disastrous effects, man did we laugh at her. Little did we know that this was actually a serious issue – an issue that has gotten worse over the decades, an issue of accepting… Continue reading "Beauty Beyond Skin"

  • Redefining ‘Successful Relationships’

    Relationships are no walk in the park; neither are they a bed of roses if both people involved do not put effort to make it work. Imagine two totally different individuals from differing backgrounds vowing to be together for life, for better and for worse. I am no expert in love, but through personal experience, l know that it is a daunting task. Television and novels almost always paint a picture of bliss, smiles, roses and a lot of lovemaking whilst omitting the real and equally important stuff: responsibility, kids, bills, etc. My love story began with a simple phrase that cut me really deep. Even to this day, l hold on to it and endeavour to fully comprehend its… Continue reading "Redefining ‘Successful Relationships’"

  • Popular Quotes I Can’t Endorse

    I read a thing the other day that said, “The best weight you will ever lose, is the weight of other people’s expectations.” I understand the sentiment but I’m like…nah, I’m really just trying to lose this weight (grabs belly)! Because right now, I’m trying to fit into these jeans, and other people’s expectations are not the ones making that impossible! Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever read what is supposed to be an inspirational message, but something deep within you is just like nah, fam. That’s not it! How about this one: “Your only limit is yourself.” But is it though? Is it really? I mean, I get how I can limit myself by not believing… Continue reading "Popular Quotes I Can’t Endorse"

  • Mud Hut Mansion

    She sweeps her dusty yard, and underneath is just more dirt. But she loves it though. It looks prettier this way. Neater. It’s still dirt, but it looks taken care of. Manicured, if you will. Her house is plastered, and regularly re-plastered, with mud and dung. Inside, she has a fire going to provide warmth for her family and prepare a simple, filling meal. The fragrance in the air is a mix of smoke, ash and dry dung, but you couldn’t tell her this wasn’t a mansion on top of a hill! She takes such pride in the home she makes; she might as well be a queen in her domain! It is humble. It doesn’t always smell pretty. There… Continue reading "Mud Hut Mansion"

  • I’m a Warrior And Have the Scars to Prove It

    Nobody is born with scars. These are things that happen during our lifetime and are a clear indication of what we have survived. They tell a story. A story that we are stronger than our pain. The most significant scar l bear is the one from my cesarean section. It looks more like a lopsided smile, really. I cringe each time l look at it because labour pains are…well l have no words to describe it. Under my right knee are two relics. The more prominent one occurred on a beautiful afternoon as I was, for the life of me, trying to mimic Serena Williams in all her glory. I really believe a little girl’s dream of being a tennis… Continue reading "I’m a Warrior And Have the Scars to Prove It"