I Know Your Pain

I know your pain. I know how much your soul hurts. Heartbreaks are not easy to overcome. They […]

Dear Past Versions of Me

It’s a little awkward meeting you like this. We’ve been together literally all of life, but yet we […]

The Invisible Scar

There’s no make-up to hide the bruises he left on your self-esteem. You’re not even sure if they […]

Dear Green Salad…

There’s no point in pretending that we have anything in common. I don’t particularly like you. Never have. […]

Dear Secret Admirer…

When you look at my life through your eyes, all you probably see is perfection and it humbles […]

Dear Insecure Dreamer…

Each time I listen to a success story being told, there seems to be a subtle element of […]

Dear Younger Me…

Hi. I wonder if you’ll recognize me. I’m you, in about 20 years. I think you’ll be proud […]