Celine’s Healing Journey Part 1 [VIDEO] – Surviving a Life Filled with Trauma

One of the beloved members of our TWSC family is Celine Njoki. She first shared her story with us in December 2018 and I remember being horrified by the details of her story and amazed at her strength. You can read her story here.

Since then, Celine has contributed several written pieces to a column on how she overcame the pain, shame and stigma of the abuse she suffered. You can read her diaries here.

She recently got married and shared how God helped her open up to the possibility of experiencing true love. You can read about about that here.

But first, watch her share how God remained faithful in the midst of her suffering.

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    Ennety Chiwanza

    You are such a strong woman and I feel for you. God is for everyone and I thank him that he has healed you all is well my sister press on may the Lord continue to give you a strong heart and keep testifying it encourages others

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