Consolata Kapuya Talks Living Authentically and Loving God Passionately

“How you steward a transition is so important as a transition is a marker of growth. Allow yourself to mature, to become better, to leave some things in the past, and run with those entrusted to you in the new season.”
The above is an excerpt from one of Consolata Kapuya’s books, I Am Authentic. Her passion for God is palpable; her life is an open book, which makes her as authentic as one can get.

Consolata was a model student whose academic achievements are impressive. She had her sights on the tech space, but God redirected her path and today she is a pastor, mentor, content creator, and the author of two books titled Princess to My Daddy, and I Am Authentic.

She recently spoke with The Weight She Carries to share her journey of lessons and blessings, and loving God passionately.

School Days

I was born on the 21st of February,1997, which is so special because it is a public holiday. People do not have an excuse for not doing anything for me or with me.

I attended Monte Casino Girls High which became my training ground for the person that l am today. I led the prayer group even though l was not a prefect. God taught me at that time to worship, study His Word, and journal. I completely immersed myself in His presence. I attained 9 As,2 Bs, and a C in chemistry because l did not like the teacher, lol!

At A-level, l attained 13 points in math, physics, and computing, which was an unusual combination. I had to meet with the headmistress to convince her that these are the subjects l wanted to do, and l did!

After Monte Casino, l attended Harare Institute of Technology and attained a BTech in computer studies and have since lost interest in that field to pursue ministry. On campus, l joined the Christian Union where we served, worshipped, and went for outreach programs.

During this time, l received prophecies concerning my life. I joined a WhatsApp group called ‘Mother’s on Ministry Mission of Yeshua’ which was fundamental in directing me towards my purpose. Like the Apostle Paul says, “In Him l live and have my being” (Acts 17:28), God is the centerpiece and stronghold of my life. Without Him, l can do nothing.

Penning My Story

I wrote my first book in 2020. The Holy Spirit prompted me to title it Princess to My Daddy. The book essentially documents my life – how after losing my dad at the age of 7, God stepped in, embraced me, and has just been there in every tangible way possible.

I have struggled with pornography, masturbation, and anxiety. l would have actual anxiety attacks, but God in His love, always shows me that l can always go back to Him like the Prodigal Son.

After writing the book, l began a ministry with the same name. It is a community of women that are loved by God. It encourages women to be purpose-driven and to have a holistic approach towards accomplishing their dreams and achieving their goals.

Living Authentically

The title of my second book, I Am Authentic, stemmed from an interesting experience. Although, at the time, l did not understand how the title applied to me. A friend of mine offered to pay for a piercing for me, and instead of a second ear piercing, l chose a nose piercing.

At church, l was accused of being possessed by spirits. My blonde hair made people’s allegations even deeper. I discovered that only God can hold you up when people refuse to accept you. The experience taught me that one has to be authentic in purpose, ministry and business.

We are meant to be the first and trailblazers. We are the head. We are meant to initiate movements and not just be mere followers.

To every woman out there: God is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God. You and l being the sons. He wants us to rise in our different talents, to excel at every level. God wants to love even the most vulnerable parts in us if we open up ourselves to Him.

Do not let social media pressure you, be true to who you are. Actively seek companionship with the Lord, and in the process, your skills will be sharpened so you do not produce half-baked products as a child of God.

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