Dear Average

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Hey, Sis. Yeah, you…

I see you out here living your best regular life, working your regular job, having your regular dinner in front of a regular TV show, and going to your regular bed in your regular pyjamas. You don’t identify with the hustle culture so highly praised on social media. You’re quite content to clock in and out at your 9-5 and have your regular weekends to yourself. You have no wild, out-of-this-world dreams to change the course of history. Maybe you did once because that’s what you were told you had to do if you were ever to live a life of purpose.

But as you grew older, more mature, clearer about who you were, you decided that the admin was more than you were willing to invest. You realized that you liked the thought of going home at 5 p.m. and earning a steady salary. Sure, your hustler friends get to be their own boss, and that’s great…for THEM. You? Meh…you like your boss. Or you tolerate him/her. Either way, you’re good where you’re at. Everybody can’t be the boss, right? And guess what…that’s okay! Besides, do you know how many “hustlers” are able to actually “hustle” because they are somehow partnered with a regular-degular Jane like yourself? Someone they can depend on, someone who keeps the ship steady until the hustle takes off into the stratosphere. Sis, you’re doing great things!

What about your body image? How’s she doing? I hope you’ve made peace with the fact that everybody can’t have the Instagram holy grail waist-to-hip ratio of “zero: infinity.” Most of us, no matter how much we squat, will never naturally achieve that shape. Most of us regular folk are built…well, regular. And that’s okay too. Some of us will “snap back” 0.5 seconds after having a baby, and others will take 10+ years to gradually settle into their new form. Some of us will never figure out how to get that perfect eyebrow arch. That’s okay.

I remember reading that somebody said they once witnessed Halle Berry walking into a room and everybody in the room just started laughing because there was no other way to respond to her beauty. Most of us will never elicit such a response, nor will we gaze upon a beauty that moves us to awkward and inexplicable laughter, but that’s okay!

Sis, you are enough! Just the way you are. Your dance moves aren’t Tik-Toky, and your hobbies aren’t Pinteresty, and that’s okay! Don’t look down on yourself because the times we live in have led you to believe that “average” is somehow falling short. In a world where everybody is twisting themselves into pretzels, trying to be spectacular, the ordinary has become the new extraordinary! The fact is simply that in just being you, in being your true, raw, authentic, ordinary, unfiltered self, you’re already a masterpiece. Don’t try to fit in. Don’t try to stand out. Just live. Be you. Everything else will follow naturally.

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