Dear Broken Flower…

You’ve heard them share how their dignity was robbed from them as if that is nothing. They share their stories as if they have no shame and as if that story will not affect people’s perception of them. They talk of how they were raped and how they moved on as if they are telling a bedtime story. They recite their stories as if they are describing a movie and as if they are at peace with the whole world. They say they are happy now and that you should be, too — as though the scars are gone.

Could this be you?

For some reason, what they say and what you feel right now are worlds apart. You feel as though your last shred of dignity disappeared with your tears. When you look at yourself, you see a victim of sexual abuse rather than a survivor. It seems to be all you see and all you will ever see.

You relive the moment everyday not by choice; it simply won’t go away. You have no peace because you have been told it was your fault you were abused, and because some don’t believe you – they think you are covering up something else. In the end you believe silence is better than having your confidence bruised.

Give yourself a break, darling. You were abused and it will not go away overnight. How could it be your fault?
You went through the unimaginable. Don’t keep quiet about it, get the help you need. Being silent will not heal you, it will only eat you up inside. The support other survivors talk about did not just surface from nowhere, they had to open up about their situation first.

Let this be known, you have not lost your value because of what you have gone through. What matters is you are still alive, make every second count. Take time to heal. When it hurts, let it hurt because your pain will be someone’s strength one day. Remember you are as strong as the tears you have shed, let it all out and be willing to move forward.


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