Getting to Know the Woman behind Shamiso Consultancy International

Shamiso Kenneth-Zuro is many things, but her identity as a child of God tops her list. She describes herself as a Christian and pastor who practices compassion ministry, teaches revelatory insight, and translates hard-hitting spiritual insights into everyday language that empowers individuals to activate purpose and maximize potential.

Shamiso holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in human resources management, a certification in real estate, a diploma in ministry, and is currently working on her PhD in ministry at Team Impact Christian University (USA).

In addition to ministry, Shamiso is the founder of Heart of God Women Empowerment Foundation Trust (HOGWEFT). The foundation’s mission is to empower the girl child and raise her to become a leader. The foundation accomplishes this by paying school fees for young girls in need.

On the business front, Shamiso is the founder and managing director of Shamiso Consultancy International Group. She is currently writing a book based on and her business experiences and the topic of her master’s dissertation – sub-contraction and strategic staffing.

Shamiso also mentors women who are or aspire to be entrepreneurs and helps them discover their potential in the marketplace. Her philanthropy work includes donating food and clothes to orphanages and squatter camps around Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

We wanted to know more about Shamiso’s drive, and background, so we reached out her.

Tell us more about your upbringing and how it shaped the woman you are today.

I come from a humble family of five girls. We were raised by my hardworking mother and my grandmother. My grandmother, who has gone to be with the Lord used to say to us, “A virtuous woman should not sit on her hands.” She used to sew school jerseys and taught other women, and us, how to make doormats using cloth and sell them.

My mother became a single mother before age 30 and had five children to feed. She would go to South Africa and buy motor spare parts and supply companies in Bulawayo. So I grew up knowing that a woman should be independent and bring something to the table no matter what.

I have always been a dreamer and always wanted to make it in life. I pushed hard to make sure I passed my O-Level. I was the first person in my family to go for A-Level, get a diploma, and a master’s degree. Neighbors and relatives would laugh at me and ask why I was not going abroad, getting married or looking for a job like everyone else. They didn’t think school would pay off.

Eventually, my mum stopped doing her business due to inflation. I remember she struggled to pay for my college fees. God was so faithful to me. He brought divine helpers.

I also went for attachment, and by God’s grace, the company continued with me until graduate trainee level. I used my allowance to pay for my school tuition. I eventually resigned due to frustration. The company transferred me out of town and that made it hard for me to do my master’s degree.

I remember at one point, I had to sell my base bed and I slept on just the mattress so that I pay my school fees balance.

I mysteriously lost all my certificates one day. They were in a flat file and I had taken them with me that day because I had a job interview. I left the interview only to realize when I got home that I no longer had the folder. I searched everywhere and even went back to every shop I had passed through that day. Nothing.

I thought it was the end of me because I couldn’t apply for jobs since they wanted to see my original certificates. Little did I know that it was God’s way of saying, “I want you to birth your own company. When you were in your mother’s womb, I knew you, and I had better plans for you.

Tell us more about your companies and what inspired you to venture in business.

Shamiso Construction
– We recruit and select tilers, builders
– We renovate and construct houses, lodges, and buildings from scratch. We also provide home decor services.

Jireh Holiday Homes
-we provide accommodation for families who are traveling. We provide 3-bedroom full houses with self-catering services and create a homely grand stay.

Green House Takeaway
-we provide takeaways like burgers, chicken and chips, etc

Zulink Drilling Services
-borehole drilling and installations
-tank stand fabrication
-selling of steel products

Also, director of Cherry Detergents (manufacturer of detergents like dishwashing liquids, glaze, petroleum jelly, tile cleaners, etc.) Shamiso is also a board member of several other companies.

What made me venture into business is how my grandmother and my mother raised me. They instilled in me that a woman should not sit on her hands. Going to school helped me maximize my potential and be open-minded. I also took advantage of a lot of problems that were around me that needed solutions.

Showing Life Hell – What is this book all about and what motivated you to write it

The book is about how you can break free from family patterns and limitations, how to fight and overpower generational curses, and things that women go through and are silent about. If you allow life to walk all over you, it will. So you have “to show life hell” before it takes you to hell.

What motivated me is that I realized most women need enlightenment on many issues, especially abuse and empowerment. And if they hear it from a fellow woman, they will understand how strong they are and that we have always been strong.

Heels or sneakers, and why?

I love funky outfits and my construction work makes me be in flats more, so it makes me a sneakers person. However, I’m forced to wear heels to business meetings and church every Sunday. Honestly, I am not a heels person.

What is your advice to young women who want to venture into business?

✅Have a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit.
✅He will plant every idea, open every closed door, and bring the right people to help you with that idea.
✅Have a clear vision about your business.
✅Build a business that looks for a solution to problems.
✅Build relationships that add value to your life.
✅Be willing to learn from the people who are doing better than you.
✅Do things the right way.
✅Never settle for less trying to make your way up (wealth gathered quickly will diminish, but the wealth of one who gathers it little by little will increase).
✅Your character and hard work will attract the right people.

What do you think are the principles of life that got you where you are today?

✅Praying and building a strong relationship with God.
✅Humility and patience.
✅Working hard.
✅Keeping and making good relationships.

Connect with Shamiso on the following platforms:
Heart of God Foundation Trust (Instagram)
Shamisokenneth (Facebook)

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