Healthy Mind, Healthy You: It’s Time to Drop the Baggage

Healthy Mind, Healthy You is a weekly column written by Mental Wellness Coach Cynthia M. Each week, she will share insight on how you can be live a healthier life. You can read previous articles from this column here.

In the past four weeks, I have taken you through four aspects of the mental wellness journey:

  • What it means to be emotionally unwell
  • What emotional hurt could look like when masked under our behaviour traits
  • Being able to face the pain of emotional hurt so you can deal with it
  • Gearing your mind for what the healing process can actually look like

These are all practical guides to just some of the pointers in this journey, but mental wellness is always a journey one must choose for themselves. I always emphasise that being emotionally unwell only becomes a problem that can be changed if the person who is not well wants to change. This just means unless you want to change the state you are in, you will carry on with the burden you carry.

Your Baggage is not You

As women, we tend to carry our emotional baggage as part of our identity. Somehow, we came to identify strength and resilience as being synonymous with buried struggle and covered pain, which is completely inaccurate.

Emotional baggage is not just a temporary burden like your baggage when you travel. It’s a lifelong burden many people carry around and fail to shed because it gets heavier with each new similar hurt. We will do a deep dive on emotional baggage later, but right now, I just want to tell you it’s time to let go of it, sis.

You need to identify your hurt in whatever form it’s packaged in and start dealing with it. Stop lugging around the weight of the breakup that now stops you from committing in new relationships, shed the self-doubt that stops you from advancing your career or starting that business.

Emotional baggage and emotional hurt anchor us in the past, cripple us in the present and deny us of a future. This is all because of how much it weighs down how you think of yourself and the world around you. I have dealt with many clients who struggle to picture themselves in any positive way in the present or the future simply because of the negatives they have been through in life.

That’s why I am encouraging you to dump the baggage and start the journey now. As you start unpacking and dealing with each bag from your baggage, you will be surprised how much freedom it gives you to experience a more fulfilling life.

The Price of Emotional Baggage

Letting go of emotional baggage gives you a more balanced state of emotional and mental well-being. This is what will influence the quality of life you experience because when your mind is not cluttered and stressed, being happy and hopeful for the future is a real possibility.

I hope as I share more insights on mental wellness, you can really start to apply these to your own journey. The world can be a cold place that is cruel, but it is still possible to live your best life. This just has to start by you becoming your best self. We all say this too often, but what it really means is you are letting go of the baggage and dealing with your issues. Be a big girl and let go of all that anchors you in misery so you can start to experience true joy.

Until next time, remember: when you change your thinking, you can change your life.

Cynthia M is a mental wellness coach trained in psychology. She works with different individuals and groups to help them establish a more balanced state of emotional well-being so they can experience a better quality of life.

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