INSPIRATION: Spoken Word Artist Racheal “Voko” Ncube Talks About Her Love of Poetry

Discovering one’s passion and living it is a success in and of itself. Racheal “Voko” Ncube has discovering that pursuing her calling has led to opportunities knocking at her door instead of her seeking them out. Juggling between an education and pursuing one’s God-given talent is very difficult for a lot of people, but not for this young lady.

“Voko,” as she is known in the arts circles, is in her early twenties and was born in Plumtree, Zimbabwe. She is currently studying quantity surveying at Bulawayo Polytechnic.

“I come from a family that upholds education, that demands that one be either a doctor, engineer or that sort of thing,” she told The Weight She Carries. “One day l purchased a guitar and was interrogated by my father who thought l was abandoning my school work for the arts. l had to reassure him to say no, l was still carrying on with my studies alongside poetry because to me, poetry and l are one.”

“Poetry to me is a calling. Whenever l am inspired to write, the words just flow out without me putting any effort. People will often ask me for a new piece of poetry not knowing that when there is no inspiration, l do not write until the inspiration comes,” she said.

Voko’s achievements so far are amazing for a person her age. Last year, she scooped a ROIL Bulawayo Arts Award in her category. She has an anthology of forty pieces of poetry she has penned herself entitled “From These Poetic Pieces.” She is currently working on a new collection entitled “Write the World” with poets from various countries in southern Africa. 

“Through poetry, l have managed to branch into acting, music as well as hosting. I have been a DJ for Charisma radio on DSTV and also have a weekly spot on our local radio station, Skyz Metro, called ‘Amadramatics,’” she said. “Not only that, l also host a weekly show in association with another art platform called #herwednesday where l interview Bulawayo female artists who have made a name for themselves. It is a platform for them to inspire others as well.”

“I have learnt that opportunities come knocking at my door rather than me searching them out because l am a daughter of a King. I hail from a royal bloodline and so l do not have to force things, but they have to conform to me due to my royal personage.”


Voko has collaborated with a number of organisations and individuals. She does volunteer work for Youth for Innovation Trust.

“I look forward to getting more awards, and becoming the best female spoken word artist to come from Bulawayo,” she said. “I am still young, but l know where l want to be and l will not tire till l reach my goals. Through my work, l intend to open institutions that l will l use as platforms to train more spoken word artists.

Voko anticipates the launch of her latest collaborative work “Write the World” and continues to pursue her education at Polytechnic.

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