Lynder Nkuranga is the First Woman to be Appointed Director of External Intelligence for Rwanda

I love writing stories like these because they prove that women continue to break barriers across all fields.

Last month, Lynder Nkuranga became the first woman to be named Director of External Intelligence for Rwanda. Previously, this position had been held by top-ranking men in the military.

She was appointed by Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame.

Lynder, who is 40, served in the Rwanda National Police (RNP) in various capacities for 10+ years and rose up the ranks over the years. She has previously served as Acting Director of Community Policing, the Deputy Commissioner for Public Relations, Media and Protocol, and Director for the Anti-GBV Desk.

In her role prior to her new appointment, she served as the Commissioner for Cooperation and Protocol, and was the only woman in the Police Command Structure which was comprised of 36 senior police officers.

Lynder is also an advocate for women’s rights and gave a speech on fighting against gender-based violence at the Women in Law Enforcement Leadership Conference in California in 2013.

Just in case you’re wondering if you can break through the glass ceiling in your field, I’ve got news for you: not only can you break through, you can shatter it!

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