Maybe, just maybe…

Suffering was her middle name. Twelve long years of pain, disappointment, disgrace, shame, and loneliness. No one wanted to be around her, for fear that her uncleanliness would rub off onto them. Nobody could help her. She went from one recommendation to the next, and each one failed her. No one understood what she was going through because her condition was incomprehensible. She invested all she had on remedies and experts who she thought would relieve her from her suffering. She tried and tried. But each time she always ended up worse off than before. But then she heard about Jesus.

Like the woman with the issue of blood, you have your own cup of suffering. One that no one understands or knows how to address. “Speak to so-and-so,” or, “Try such-and-such,” rolls off the tongues of precious loved ones. God bless them. But instead of getting better, you grow faint. Soon people begin to avoid you because they don’t know what to say to ease your pain. Worse still, they avoid you because they are afraid that your issues will rub off onto them and penetrate their world. It’s been a long treacherous road. You’ve cried, hoped, dreamed, and prayed, but your condition has steadily declined. But then you hear some commotion. It’s the sound of Jesus! He’s stirring up something in your spirit, and you know that if you can just position yourself to catch an ounce of him, you will be whole again. Maybe, just maybe.
But the crowd is in the way. Tradition tells you that you shouldn’t be around. After all, Jesus is on a mission to help someone far more important than you – a prominent figure, well respected and influential has a need. And you? Well, you’re just a woman. Nobody even knows your name! Your need is important to you, but the crowd pushes you aside and tells you, “Just keep praying on your own. There are more pressing matters Jesus must attend to.”
But your spirit won’t give in. You use the last bit of strength you have to reach out as your anguished soul lets out one last cry – one that no one but Jesus hears. Everyone else who is close to Jesus is rubbing up against Him and touching Him, but only you – the woman everyone pushed aside, gets a miraculous deliverance.
Never let anyone push you aside and make you feel that your pain doesn’t matter, or that you are not important enough to get Jesus’ attention. You ARE. Reach out and grab onto Him! Your faith has the power to stop Him in His tracks.

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