Our Days are Like a Passing Shadow

A person is born, lives and dies. There are two things that we cannot choose between these three, which are birth and death.

When a person is born, the next thing he or she must do is live. How you live is determined by you. You have a choice to live like a beggar or like a king. You make the most out of your own life. We live only once.

You need to ask yourself what people will remember about you when you are gone. It is so sad that in this life there are now so many diseases, so many outbreaks, which are taking people’s lives despite age. People are losing friends and family members and that is one of the most painful parts of life – when you know you have lost someone you cherish and they are never coming back.

Psalms 144:4 says “Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away” (KJV).

Our days on this earth are like a shadow that passes away; any day, any time, without a signal, you can die. Therefore, you need to be remembered for the good you have done when you were still alive.

God is the Creator of heaven and earth. Only He knows when one will be born and when one will die. Therefore, let us pray for wisdom from God so that we do not use our own wisdom which might lead us into making wrong decisions. Let us make the most out of life and leave a legacy.

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