Procrastination Station

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Why do now what you can put off until tomorrow? That, my friend, is the question a serial procrastinator such as Yours Truly asks pretty much daily. Whatever the task at hand might be, must it absolutely be done immediately? “Because I tend to work really well in a high-pressure situation” is the lie I often tell. In my defense, I believed it to be the truth. But with some growth and self-analysis, I have come to the conclusion that that is far from the truth. Doctors, firefighters, kindergarten teachers, art thieves…those are high pressure occupations! Me? Just a procrastinator.

On the rare occasion that I get my stuff together in proper time, I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new stress-free world! Do other people live here? It’s so peaceful and orderly. Things are handed in on time. There’s even time to double-check things and correct mistakes. But why am I always here as a guest? Because sooner or later (usually later), I find myself back to old habits and sleeping in a little later or staying up a little later, pushing tasks to the absolute brink of a deadline and then scurrying in a mad rush to get them done before it’s too late!

What about that new workout plan? Let me guess…you’re going to start on Monday, right? Why not go all out? It’s almost holiday season, so let’s push it to next year? We’ll start 2022 with a bang! Right. You mean like you did in 2021? And 2020?

Procrastinators, gather around. How much longer are we going to live here? Because let’s be honest…we don’t like it here. I certainly don’t. And I keep saying I’ll be more organized and better prepared for stuff and manage my time better…tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m laying in bed watching reruns of “The Office.” Or I’m already running around in a panic because I’m trying to catch up on something I should have done three days ago!

In fighting this terrible habit, one big truth is revealed. A desire for perfection is a major cause for procrastination. Until all our circumstances are lined up perfectly, and success is guaranteed, we’d rather not do anything at all. But in most cases, everything is not going to be perfect all in one go.

When you go after your dream, some days you won’t feel so motivated. When you start that diet, you will probably trip and fall into a bowl of ice cream every now and then. When you try to join the 5 a.m. club, some mornings will be harder than others, and sometimes you will decide to sleep in. When you try to tap into your spiritual side, some situations will snap you back to the flesh with the quickness! It happens. Don’t let that be the thing that makes you give up and say “I’ll start tomorrow.” Because you won’t start tomorrow. Do it now. Do it unprepared. The rest will catch up as you go.

At least that’s what I plan to do anyway…tomorrow.

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