Rapid Fire, PR, Hustler, Lava – Who’s in your Girl Squad?

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We’re talking about girl squads today. Now we know that every woman has a circle of friends that she cannot do without. Women who hold you up and are willing to come to the rescue at a moment’s notice. Tell us if you have these women in your girl squad.

Rapid fire

We all have that friend with the rapid mouth, you know that one. We love her but sis just says any and everything without any filter. Her mind can’t keep up with her words, so most of what she says is uncensored. To her credit, she’s just saying what we’re all thinking. We need her because she is brave enough to ask the questions we’re too afraid to ask. She has no problem challenging our beliefs or actions. She holds us accountable in many ways.

PR agent

And then there’s the one who is reserved…about everything. She follows the rules and asks a lot of questions to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble with anyone. always thinks about how your actions will be perceived. She is gentle and soft-spoken and is conscious about how she is perceived. She wants everyone to be happy so she is often the voice of reason when disagreements come up and gives people the benefit of a doubt. If you get into a fight she won’t throw any punches because it’s not nice to hit others, but she will hold your purse. However, rubbed the wrong way, she may surprise you. She keeps receipts! We need her when we mess up.

The hustler

Then there’s the hustler who always finds a way to bend the rules. She rarely actually breaks them, but she will bend those babies as far as she can. She’s resourceful and innovative. Place her in any kind of situation and she’ll figure her way out. She commands authority and has a way of making people believe she knows what she is doing, even if she doesn’t. She’s also charming, so she gets away with just about anything. We need her when we cannot navigate the mess in our lives. She’s there to help us put one step in front of the other.


Then there is the one who is up for a fight all day, any day. She’s a justice seeker. If she hears about anybody being wrong in any kind of way, she is going after the culprit with or without evidence. You can’t vent to her coz she will take matters into her own hands. And once she’s revved to go, you can’t talk her down. We need her when we don’t have the strength to fight for ourselves.

So, who’s in your girl squad?

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