Rumbidzai Mutendera: How I Found Restoration & Purpose After Divorce

Isaiah 62 verse 4 speaks of a beautiful transformation. From being deserted and forsaken to being a delight and married to a new destiny filled with hope and a bright future.

This is the story of a remarkable woman who has found purpose in helping others and using the power of words. This is her story.

“My name is Rumbidzai Mutendera, a mother of two girls – which is my favorite thing to be. I was born into a family of all girls, me being the eldest. My mother basically raised us on her own as my father passed away when l was 13 years old. She was self-employed, knitting jerseys to provide for us and take us through school.

When l was 22 years old, l fell in love and got married. The marriage lasted eight years and it’s been eight years since the divorce.

Finding out that my husband had another woman when l was pregnant with our second child really broke me. All l wanted was a successful marriage, and so l prayed for God’s intervention in the hopes that my husband would relent and come back to me. But that was not the case. Clearly, God had other plans to restore me to the person l was born to be.

It was some of the advice l got from other women that made me realize that no one could really help me at this point. Writing about how l felt became my avenue to releasing the pain and finding healing.

Heart to Heart Sanctuary was birthed during that time. It started out as a blog and has now become a registered NGO in Zimbabwe.

As l wrote out my feelings on the blog, women came forward with their stories and sought advice from me. l advised according to my experience, but during these sessions, l realized the need to do it professionally. That’s when l enrolled in university to study psychology and applied psychology. I went on to do a postgraduate degree in psychological counselling, which has helped quite a lot in giving effective counselling sessions.

The journey has not been an easy one though because from one salary, l had to pay my tuition and take care of my children. Sometimes there was not even enough money to buy a pencil for my daughter, and it broke my heart. That’s when l started a charitable drive for stationery and groceries and donated them to Matthew Rusike Home. As God would have it, l got a promotion at work which gave me a few extra rands that l used to pay for fees for those in need.

As my work expanded, l have now adopted four girls in Matopos who l source fees, uniforms, basic amenities, and rent bicycles for. Regular pad campaigns have also become a part of my philanthropic work.

In 2020, l took heed to God’s calling and enrolled in seminary school under the Methodist Church. I became an ordained preacher in 2022. As l was growing in all other areas, my relationship with God grew too and birthed Moments with God – a virtual platform meant to teach and testify about God and how to enhance our relationship with Him.

I am now the CEO of a wellness consultancy called Reign Consultancy because l love touching people’s lives through speaking with them. l always share my story to help someone.

I understand my life now in retrospect. Growing up, l was labelled ‘a forward person’ because l talked a lot. Those words manifested in my life. l looked down on myself and never expected any good to come out of my life.

Since l had failed everywhere else, l was determined to make a success of my marriage even though everything around me pointed to my being unworthy. But as l fervently prayed for the restoration of my marriage, God directed me to another kind of restoration through Isaiah 62:4, which says:

“No longer will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate. But you will be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah; for the LORD will take delight in you, and your land will be married.”

Everything at this point has come full circle, l can say. And God has been true to His word in Ephesians 3:20:

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”

Never did l imagine myself as the woman l am today. A preacher, philanthropist, counselor, life coach, and recently a whole master of ceremony on a national platform. My life is a testimony.

In parting, l would like to say to someone out there that l know these phrases have become a cliché, but l stand by them. What you are going through isn’t where it ends. The sun will shine again. You will smile again.

When it feels like you are drowning, reach out. You are not alone.


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