TBT: Gems from Lucky’s Story – Embrace the New You After Loss

As you probably know by now, grief is our topic for the month of October. We recognize that grieving involves more than the loss of life, it can be the loss of anything significant to us. October also happens to be breast cancer month and I want to take us back to a story we published last October on a woman named Lucky Ndanu. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was in her early 20s and subsequently had to undergo a mastectomy.

Lucky grieved the loss of her breast and struggled to except her new body. Questions flooded her mind and she wondered what her future would look like. Here’s what I admire about Lucky:

1. She sought God‘s wisdom.

There is always a good decision and then there’s the best decision, and we often have to differentiate between the two. Lucky had to do make a decision between multiple treatment options. In the midst of this, she took the time to earnestly seek God‘s guidance. It can be difficult to hear God’s voice when we are going through emotional turmoil. It requires us to be still in the middle of chaos – a skill we must ask God to teach us.

2. Mindset is key.

An essential part of Lucky’s recovery and accepting the drastic change to her body was determining in her mind that she was going to be OK. The battle is in the mind.

3. Embrace the new person you become after loss.

This quote that Lucky gave sums it up perfectly:

“Coming to terms with the fact that my body harboured a serious disease and the changes my body was experiencing was quite an uphill task, but I braved and acknowledge that I was a new person.”

Lucky Ndanu

You will never be the same after loss, and that is not a bad thing. The new you is tougher and more resilient. Learn to love the you after loss.

Read Lucky’s full story below:

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