Womanhood Is Not A Curse

The other day I was a guest on Zimbabwe’s National Broadcasting Channel to talk about my book that I recently published.

I asked to receive the interview questions in advance so I could prepare, but for some reason the host of the show was not forthcoming and I decided to just let it go. Little did I know I was walking into what I call “an ambush of the feminine pride”.

The first few minutes were great and comfortable…until we got to the last question.

You’re a woman. How did you get this far and what can you possibly tell men about life that they don’t know already?” she asked.

My mind raced back and forth trying to come up with the best answer possible, but deep down I was hurt. I kept wondering what it is that men have that women don’t that could be a threat to women’s intellectual capabilities?

It sounded like she was insinuating that womanhood is a curse, and implying that the success of a woman has some mystery attached to it, and therefore, questionable. I was wondering why it seemed impossible for a woman to be successful on mere merit.

It sounded as though men and women should operate on different levels and in different worlds, and in the case where they live in the same world, men are to demonstrate their superiority in all spheres of life and the inferiority of a woman means sacrificing her own calling.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”8ftcZ” via=”no” ]Being a woman is not a curse; it’s mere biology and has nothing to do with the potential that lies within you.[/ctt]

I will not sit around and wait for men to discover their own gifts first so that my voice can be legitimate. That is not how God works.

On more than one occasion God used women to be the source of strength for His children. When men messed up and the nation was doomed to die, God used Deborah to clean up their mess and save the nation.

Esther was instrumental in saving the Jews from their impending death. Mother Theresa is widely remembered by the works of her hands. The list goes on.

I am proud to be a woman; and not just any woman, but a talented one who is unstoppable.

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