You’re a Great Giver; But Are You a Good Receiver?

Only when we give do we receive. Easier said than done right? All we seem to do – especially as mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and grandmothers –is give. We give of our time, strength and love, but do we ever receive? Do you ever take time to replenish what has been depleted in you?

The whole duty of dividing oneself amongst various individuals and duties tends to drain out the essence of life. The real idea of beauty, if not adequately replenished from time to time, is eventually depleted to a point that moving through life becomes dull and colourless.

Psalm 91 mentions a secret place of abiding. This is a place l assume is conducive enough to refill and reignite the drive to live and be productive without withering due to lack of nourishment. I ought to seek this place till l find it. To receive, one is required to stop all usual day-to-day activities, unclutter and shut out every disturbance.

The process of receiving requires one to remember the interconnectedness of life, how we are conduits. Conduits allow a continual flow; as one end receives, the other end gives out. The most pertinent question would be am l an effective conduit? Am l sufficiently allowing the law of giving and receiving to run freely through me? And if the answer is “l don’t know,” then it is time to receive!

It is absolutely imperative to take out blocks of time from our busy schedules and allow God’s replenishing power to work in us in order to be sufficient, effective and colourful givers and receivers.

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