Beating the Odds

Growing up without parents and with low self-esteem makes it difficult for one to dream of excelling, let alone writing a motivational book. The following story is about Evelyn Moyo, a woman who beat the odds and did not use her background as an excuse.

“My mother died when I was two months old. I was raised by my grandmother and would only see my father and step-mother during the holidays,” Evelyn told The Weight She Carries.

“Growing up, I wanted to be many things, but I always felt because I was poor, there was a limitation to what I can do or become. Every time I wanted to do something challenging, fear would draw me back. I thought success was for those who went to good schools and had the good life.”

Despite all the negative thoughts and fear, Evelyn still managed to pull herself up.

“I went back to school after six years in marriage… Right now, I am studying towards a bachelor’s degree in human resources management. My greatest inspiration came from the Lord. I spend time praying, reading the Word and listening to preachers.  Ecclesiastes 9:11 really motivated me. I realized the battle is not for the swift. It’s not only those who are equipped enough who do remarkable things in life.

“I decided to address all the negativity I was having and help other women in the process. That is when the book Winning Women came to life. The book is meant to give confidence to women so that they know that they can do anything; the sky is the limit if they put the book into practice. Women have a lot of struggles with men, but sometimes as individuals, we also have issues that need to be addressed before we even involve or conflict with men. The book helps with that.

“I want women to know they have the ability and capability to do great things. Most women think they are just born to marry, have children and die, but there is more to life than that. There are greater things to do in life. Another major drawback for some women is that they do not take responsibility. The blame game should stop. We need to get a hold of our lives and not let someone decide for us what to wear, do, who to see, where to go and then blame them for how we turn out later.

“My book contains many principles and the first chapter is about possessing your possession. Women should know their strengths, overcome fear and step out of the comfort zone in order for them to succeed. Checking associates is also important. We get influenced by people around us so there is need to be careful about who we keep close.”

Evelyn just gave us a sneak peek into her book but there is a lot more to be learnt from Winning Women, a book that even she reads when she is feeling a bit low. She is a true example of how one’s beginning does not determine their destiny.

The journey towards writing, publishing and launching her book wasn’t an easy one for Evelyn, who had a lot of pull downs from fellow women who felt they were better, and men as well. About this she said, “It’s not by power nor by might but by the spirit of God; I can do it. We need to learn to support each other.”

Her book is already available on various online selling platforms and she is aspiring go on book tours and donate copies to vulnerable women and girls who might be going through the same struggles she faced.

Here are some powerful quotes from her book:

“Screw your fear, wear courage like make up and go for what the world said you could not have.”

“In order to be recognized as a Winning Woman, never resign yourself to mediocrity, thinking the elite are somehow smarter, faster and cut from a different cloth.”

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