Dear Secret Admirer…

When you look at my life through your eyes, all you probably see is perfection and it humbles me in so many ways. It is generally easier to build a perception of someone based on the idea that the one moment they made an impression will recur throughout their life.

Unfortunately, life does not work that way, no one is perfect. As far as I remember, the impression I made on you was not planned, it just happened. In the same manner, I will most likely make mistakes because every human being errs at some point in their life.

Should I fall someday and it disturbs you, make no mistake in assuming that my fall discredits my past or future. It is just a fall and I will definitely rise up again, pick myself up from where I left off, or start all over again if I have to.

I do not look forward to disappointing you or ruining your high regard for me. All I wish for is that I never become the reason you fall or give up on life. I have heard stories of those who gave up on life and their dreams not because they had failed, but because their role model fell along their way. I have come to the realization that everyone wants to be the best version of themselves, and no one wants to waste their life or see someone else fall. Should I ever let you down that way, it was never personal.

Emulate whatever you can from me and forget whatever is undesirable but never give up on life because of me. May I continue being your role model even on my worst days with the hope that I will rise again. And may you always be my motivation even on my worst day knowing that someone else sees the good in me.

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