Exposed to the Same Sun

Inasmuch as we are all different, it is common for people to expect the same results from different people simply based on the fact that their situations are seemingly the same.

Ironically, so many have been disappointed because their results differed.

It is true that the same sun that melts wax hardens clay, and the same rain which causes erosion reinforces a cement foundation.

In the face of adversities, some openly cry, some hide their tears and some do not cry at all, but none of these reactions is the standard of measuring how much one is hurting.

Wax will always melt while clay will harden when exposed to the same sun, or rather, the same temperatures. In the end, the wax will respond according to its properties and the same is true for the clay. There is nothing really special about the sun.

I have heard and seen people’s pain being questioned simply because they did not cry when they were expected to.  I have seen sexually abused girls who, for whatever reason, did not come forward soon enough being doubted just because after their abuse, they did not act according to “the rules.”

I have also seen calm grieving individuals being told they are not hurting just because their tears are not visible to everyone. We will always deal with situations differently because we are different. There is no equation attached to the situations we face that require our reactions to be similar.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”KdffA” via=”no” ]No one really knows what’s inside a person’s heart or how much they are hurting, and it’s unfair and inaccurate to judge others based on what you see on the outside. – Shamiso Patience Mbiriri[/ctt]

One’s word has to be good enough. If they say they are hurting, believe them and stop expecting to see their tears to believe them. In fact, treat them all equally whether they appear as delicate as wax or as hard as clay. It is not always as simple as it appears to be.

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