I Know Your Pain

I know your pain. I know how much your soul hurts. Heartbreaks are not easy to overcome. They are terrible and dreadful losses. And sometimes they put us in an emotional abyss so deep that we no longer know how to tell the difference between reality and our fears.

I know that happened to you. You fell for him. You undressed your soul in front of him and gave him the key to your deepest and darkest secrets. You invested yourself in the relationship. You gave your heart to him hoping that he would love you the same way that you did.

You were aware that your love was stronger than his but you chose to believe in him because that is who you are. You thought that he would eventually see just how pure your love was and he would immediately start treating you better.

Unfortunately, you were wrong. He was not the person you thought he was. He was not the prince on the white horse. He wasn’t worthy of your love. And no, he wasn’t busy. It was simple. He just never bothered to make time for you.

He never cared about your feelings. He never saw a future with you beside him. So, you failed to perceive these flashing, red signs along the road and you fell into his trap.

You gave everything that you owned hoping that deep down he truly cared for you. You were all in. A fool in love. And sadly, you ended up paying the price for that. The good news is that you can heal from the pain. It begins with loving you.

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