In Her Shoes: The Esther Factor

Life had been tough. Not only had she lost both parents, but she was a foreigner living in exile. Thank God for Cousin Mordecai who had taken her in and raised her as his own. He had taught her well and protected her from unsolicited attention her beauty often drew. But cousin Mordecai couldn’t hide her from scouts sent from the palace in search of the most beautiful women in the land which spanned 127 provinces.

She hadn’t asked to be attractive; hadn’t asked to be considered for the role of queen; hadn’t sought out attention and favour from the king. Yet here she was – carrying the weight of an entire nation on her shoulders.

Every woman has an “Esther factor.”

Sure, you may not be the queen of the land, but you are voluntarily or involuntarily carrying weight that someone has heaped on you.

Maybe you were the first one in your family to go to university, and now your family is relying on you to single-handedly raise the social status of the family name – Esther factor.

Maybe, you’re a single mother struggling to provide for your children with little to no support. You didn’t bring these kids into this world by yourself, but somehow you look around and the only person providing for them is you  – Esther factor.

Maybe you are successful professionally and your community is expecting you to be their saviour and somehow make their lives easier. Maybe you are helping a loved one carry an emotional burden, or fighting for justice for many who are voiceless.

As difficult as it is to bear, carry that weight as best you can. It won’t be easy but God will give you just enough strength for the next step. And when the weight is finally lifted, your back will be a whole lot stronger.

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