Interview w/ Mental Health Coach Faith Gor on Healing, Forgiveness & Upcoming Coaching Program

Earlier this week, I interviewed my friend and sister Faith Gor who is part of our TWSC team. I’m currently in Harare, Zimbabwe and on the day of the interview, we were in the middle of tropical storm Ana. Despite some issues with the video quality, Faith and I had a powerful, powerful conversation.

Over the past couple of years, Faith has been sharing her story of surviving sexual trauma. We first connected in September 2019 when a mutual contact reached out to me after hearing Faith share her testimony in church. I was eager to speak with her, and when we did connect, I admired her strength and courage as she detailed her experiences and how they had impacted her.

Since then, Faith has continued to share her story to encourage other survivors of sexual trauma. It’s evident that God is using her in a profound way. She details her healing journey here on The Weight She Carries and is now offering individual and group coaching to women who have survived sexual trauma.

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