Losing Baby Angela

Jenna and Daniel are a lovely couple from the Philippines. They have been married for 12 years and had been dating for four years prior to that. They were blessed with three sons: James (12), Zachary (3), and Ronron (1).

Jenna has been a public school teacher for five years while Daniel is currently working for an aerospace company. They have been through challenges and struggles like any parents do, but they did not expect the painful problem that would come to their family this year.

Everyone was happy after finding out that Jenna was pregnant again. Even though they had three children already, they were still waiting and wanting to have a baby girl. A girl that could be dressed up in matching mother-daughter outfits. A girl that could share interests in hair and makeup. Jenna was so excited about it and so was Daniel. They could not wait to have a princess.

The fifth month of her pregnancy came. She was still working as a Grade 7 teacher. She was teaching 10 sections with 35-42 students each. Her classroom was located on the fourth floor of the building. She did not mind it because she had worked through her pregnancies with Zachary and Ronron.

During the second trimester, she decided to find out the baby’s gender and finally got the result. It was a girl! She was very excited to share the news of this blessing with Daniel, but she waited until his birthday.

On Dec. 9, 2019, Daniel’s birthday, she also threw a baby shower, surprising all of the members of the family. And then they popped a balloon with the ultrasound report in it.

Christmas and New Year passed and the whole family was very blessed with all the gifts they received. It is also marked the sixth month of Jenna’s pregnancy.

One night, she woke up in pain, like she was in labour.

“On January 13, the whole day I felt pain in my tummy. I was going back and forth to the (bathroom). It was like I [was] going to poop,” Jenna said.

“Early in the morning around 3 a.m., the pain worsened and I did not know that I was in labour already. I asked Daniel to bring me to the hospital. And along the [way], I gave birth to half of the baby.”

At the hospital, Jenna gave birth via normal delivery on Jan. 14.

“Her skin colour was black then, but [I was] still hoping that she [would] survive. The midwives helped me to deliver her. That was exactly 3:30 a.m. when I completely gave birth to her, but they said that the baby [had been] dead already inside my tummy,” she said.

“Her body [was] complete already, weighing 600 grams, but the midwife said that she was dead before I gave birth to her.”

Jenna very shocked. Her husband and mother waiting outside the delivery room were also in shock. It was sad news for the whole family. That morning, they buried Baby Angela, named by the attending midwife.

Messages of sympathy flooded her phone and social media accounts, but no one could wipe her tears and sadness. The days passed and she seemed to be drowning in sadness.

It was the love and smiles from her three boys that saved her. They have her a reason to survive.

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