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Dineo Molokoane is a publisher, author, entrepreneur and business mentor. She is originally from Rustenburg in Tlhabane and currently resides in Pretoria, South Africa. This amazing author has a background in informational technology with over eight years of experience in the IT industry. Her entrepreneurship journey began in 2015 after she saw the need to invest in human capital and creating a powerful, good-quality human legacy. She does this through training, development, mentorship and writing books.

Tell us more about the book “A New Becoming.”

“A New Becoming” is a personal transformation guide that helps people change the way they see themselves and the world around them. It sheds light on the authentic power people possess through having an awareness and alignment with their authentic identity, purpose and vision in life.

What is Shedding Light Ptd, and what was the motivation behind it?

Shedding Light is an inimitable human and organization development and transformational company that offers customer-centric services. The birth of Shedding Light was inspired by my painful journey and experience in corporate, which ultimately turned into purpose.

Joining corporate as a young graduate brought its own downside. I came in as a young shining star and through the unfair treatment from my white manager and a colleague of mine who happened to be his friend, I would find myself sabotaged; not given any project to work on for months. I would literally come to the office every single day and spend the day on the internet having absolutely nothing to do while my collagues were busy working on projects, attending meetings.

When I would ask them about what they were busy with, the response would be so dismissive. This ended up having a negative impact on my work performance.

Over time, I started losing confidence, especially when I was in business meetings because I had nothing to report on. Eventually, that rising star’s voice was silenced and that became the end of me. It wasn’t until I started investing in my personal development and pushing myself to get involved and standing up for myself that my manager started taking notice in my ability to do the job and competently so. But that was too late for him. I had already lost trust in him. I eventually decided to leave his team and join another team which was a perfect fit for me. This was where I started flourishing and eventually grew beyond the environment and started my business Shedding Light.

I wanted to help others to never lose their core, authenticity and purpose. Establishing my business was the only way I knew how to do that.

What are some of the challenges you have faced while building your brand?

The first challenge I had in business was not knowing who my customers were. I had come up with brilliant products and services, which sprung from ideas I had about how I could positively impact people’s lives. But the biggest mistake I made was not asking my leads what their pain point and biggest challenge was to develop value-adding products and services that addressed their challenges.

Considering the fact that you have a lot of big clients, how do you manage their diversity? And what can you teach other women in business about client relationship management?

The secret here is to know your customers very well. Understand who they are, what they like, what they enjoy, what their pain point is and how they individually want you to make them feel. Clients buy experiences, not necessarily the product. They buy the feeling.

My advice to other businesswomen is to invest time and effort in building good quality relationships with their clients. Establish trust in those relationships. Know that to build good-quality relationships takes time, but once the foundation is built, doing business with your clients is easier.

What are your keys to success?

My main keys to success are partnering with God in my business, personal development/mastery and relationships/collaboration, be it strategic business partners, mentors, coaches and clients.

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