My Prayer for You This Year – Reaching Heights Unknown

Happy New Year to all our readers! We took a break over the holiday season to regroup and plan for an even greater year of inspiring content for you, and we are excited about our vision for 2020.

If you are like me, you’ve resolved to make some changes this year. For me, growth will be a key word this year. In becoming the best version of myself, I recognize that there will be a level of discomfort in pushing myself beyond what I believe to be my limit. I know that in order to surpass my own dreams and expectations, I must stay committed to the growth process.  

The Musasa Tree is one of the Big 5 trees indigenous to Zimbabwe (and other parts of Southern Africa) and known for its height and shade. There are several in my parents’ front yard and their leaves form a canopy.

Standing beneath the trees, it’s hard to tell which branches and leaves belong to which tree because they are so intertwined. As it ascends into the sky, each tree is concerned with only one thing – positioning its branches in a way that allows its leaves to access the sun it needs to survive.

If it needs to slant a little more here or there to get more sunlight, that’s what it will do. If its branches must spread farther and wider and cross over the branches of another tree whose leaves are obscuring the sun, the tree will do just that.

The tree isn’t concerned about the other trees around it or how it looks as it grows in what seems to be a haphazard way. It isn’t focused on whether it looks like the “perfect” tree. It is determined to be deterred by none. It will do whatever it takes to get what it needs to grow and flourish. For as long as it grows, it will continuously assess its need and adjust accordingly to find its way to the sun.

That’s how determined we should be to growing and reaching heights we never knew were possible for ourselves.

As we begin this new year and new decade, I ask you: how committed are you to growth and healing? Are you willing to open up your mind to the possibility of taking a different route to a place of restoration? It may be unpredictable, messy and uncomfortable, and the path may not be as linear as you would like it to be – growth never is.

If it means switching paths and moving in a different direction than you had planned all along, then you need to be willing to make that change. If it means looking ridiculous to others because you’re crossing over into territories others say you have no business in, invading spaces “people like you” don’t belong in or walking into rooms reserved for a select few, will you be bold and brave enough to look strange?

I know I need God like the trees need the sun. He is my light and I need to be just as undeterred as the trees in growing towards Him and claiming every promise He has for me.

Growth can look sloppy and disorderly. My prayer for you, dear reader, is that you will yield to God’s plan for you this year, that you will trust the process and make strides towards a place of healing; that you position yourself in a way that gives you the greatest exposure to everything you need to heal and flourish. I pray that nothing will deter you from touching the sky, and that despite growing pains, you will continue in the path God has carved out for you.


Vimbai E.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Weight She Carries

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