October Theme: Grief

Happy new month! We’re excited October is here because it marks the first month that we will be focusing on themes for our stories. As our community grows, we have found it increasingly necessary to curate our content in a way that makes it more easily accessible to you. We’re open to your feedback so please do feel free to let us know how you think we can improve our content.

This month, our theme is GRIEF.

Often when grief is discussed, it is usually within the context of losing a loved one. We have chosen to expand the scope of grief to include other forms of loss, for example, the loss of a marriage, the loss of employment or other significant opportunities, pregnancy loss, etc. We are doing this because the grieving process is not exclusive to the loss of life. It is an important step in accepting a reality that did not line up with our hopes.

We’ve got some powerful stories lined up for you this month and we are asking you to participate as well by submitting your own stories of loss. We are a community here and we truly believe that every story matters. Help another woman along her healing journey by sharing how you got through yours. Submit your stories to info@theweightshecarries.com.

We can find an abundance of inspiration in the Bible that can help us in our grief. When words fail to describe how you feel, you can be confident that God understands. We will explore some stories from the Bible on grief this month and learn some valuable lessons from them.

So, if you are grieving or know somebody who is, hang with us this month and check our website frequently for content that will help you along your healing journey. STAY TUNED!

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