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Who is Deborah Mbale?

I am a self-motivated lady who’s a lastborn in a family of three girls. My dad is a pastor and my mom is a teacher by profession. I was born on December 12, 1999. I’m the founder and executive director at Mai Mbambande Foundation.

What is Mai Mbambande Foundation and the motive behind it?

Mai Mbambande is a self-funded foundation which was built on the principles of passion, hard work and endurance. It is a home of outstanding phenomenal women equipped with various inspirational stories about womanhood with an aim of motivating women and young ladies in all corners of the world who gave up on life.

How do you manage to work with women from diverse backgrounds, and what is your selection criteria for the trainings?

It has everything to do with passion with what I do. I’m always driven by passion, and that makes it easy for me to work with such women. Being undeniably passionate with our vision and goal puts one in perfect linage with our criteria. As a foundation, we best feed on a hardworking spirit.

How do you manage to encourage other women when you are young? Have you faced any challenges in regard to your age and how did you overcome them?

Being a young woman has always been a challenge but yet my greatest inspiration. The more I’m belittled by people in society, the more they give me wings to fly. I believe in myself more than anyone.

My story and the works of my hands have gone ahead of me. People accept and respect what I do because it’s all covered with dignity. I believe there’s dignity in your own labour, and this has been my number one tool in overcoming such challenges when they arise.

What keeps you going on tough days?

My family does. They make sure I’m surrounded with positive vibes and energy. They create a breathing space for me each time things get hard on me.

What do you believe are barriers when it comes to women and development?

Women, we have belittled our capabilities for so long. We do not believe we’re the beacons of change. Our greatest opposition has been ourselves as women. We have downgraded each other more than we have lifted one another as women. That is the biggest [barrier].

What advice would you give to young women who wish to venture into business?

Believe in yourself, take space in society, and work extra hard with passion and determination in whatever you do. Remember, there’s dignity in your own labour.

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