Righteous Chawane Takes on Fashion World as SITA Head of Delegation for South Africa

Photo provided by Righteous Chawane

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”– Nelson Mandela.

Whenever we are faced with a trying situation, we have two options: crumble and give in or rise up and turn our pain into positivity. Righteous Chawane is a woman who chooses to do the latter.

We published her riveting story two years ago, and she hasn’t stopped transforming lives since then. Today, Righteous is known as a motivational speaker, a preacher, and the SITA (Salon International du Textile) Head of Delegation for South Africa.  The Fix with Righteous started as a YouTube channel that helps mend broken hearts but has now grown into an NGO. Here is an update on what Righteous has been up to:


The past two years have been a great blessing and experience for me. The channel grew tremendously; my life attracted many people from all corners of the world. I have been counseling people online, and I have received many testimonials on how people got restored through my teachings, motivations, and simply by living my life and being me.

It is not easy to say the number of people we have helped as it is a lot, and we don’t keep record. I believe this is for the glory of God, not our name being uplifted. I still believe I am called to change lives, heal the broken-hearted and share my life with those feeling discouraged and disappointed. I want them to know that there is life after every setback.

Photo provided by Righteous Chawane


Our project of visiting the homeless expanded to orphanages, which is challenging and eye-opening. We are learning to be grateful for what God has given us.


In July 2021, due to my organization reaching various international platforms, a supporter based in Zimbabwe extended an invitation to me to the annual SITA, which was held in Djibouti. SITA is an event that celebrates African textiles by inviting various delegates in the fashion space to gather for a fashion show and exhibition extravaganza. It is more about helping and motivating designers and models to be proud of their own cultures.

The celebration aims to promote both young and old models and designers by encouraging different African countries to be proud of their cotton while understanding that Africa is rich in cotton and has gifted artists. Every year, SITA hosts events where it combines different artists to showcase their work.

The Zimbabwean supporter was impressed by my fashion sense and style and the work that my organization does and felt I would be a good delegation leader for my country. SITA is ‘the Olympics’ of the African fashion industry.

Photo provided by Righteous Chawane

I received a formal invitation from SITA and was tasked with bringing a delegation of South Africans to represent our country at this event in November 2021. I went with two models, two designers, and one exhibitor. It was beautiful to meet people from different countries in our continent and to learn about their cultures through personal interaction. The following days were filled with different events that formed part of the SITA celebrations, namely exhibitions, fashion shows, entertainment evenings, and

site seeing of the host city. The event ended with a parade of all the countries involved in the event, clad in clothing representing their various countries.

We did not have much information or idea about what the event entailed or what to exhibit. As a result, our shop had no products, which was a bit embarrassing, coupled with the fact that we did not get sponsorship and some of the other requirements.

Second time around

Being able to attend last year’s event gave us an idea as to what is expected, and we came back ready to improve and give our gifted artists a chance to raise our flag higher. We were motivated to bring it home and give as many young people as possible an opportunity to explore the world and discover their talents. There were 35 African countries in attendance, and the event was held from the 3rd to the 7th of November this year.

Photo provided by Righteous Chawane

Three designers were given the opportunity to travel to Togo to showcase their work. We were privileged to be nominated (out of the 44 participants) among the top four finalists, and we won the competition as the Best Designers in Africa! Our shop had also improved.

 The organization managed to give this great opportunity and exposure to one of the youths in South Africa, which has raised our flag high.


Our objective is to encourage every young person to work and make a living using their hands and gifts. We want to host a modelling show, a designers and handcraft artist show, and a conference on how to begin your business and make a living through your gift.

The mission of our organization is to provide biblical truth that inculcates self-worth, acceptance, and mentorship to help people heal from their past and present pain in life. The vision is to help individuals in need by sharing the critical message of hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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