Surviving Loss: [VIDEO] Interview w/Cola Bennett – Author of C.O.L.A – Casualty of Love’s Apologies

Cola Bennett’s life has been filled with multiple traumas – from being sexually assaulted on several occasions to losing her precious son at the age of 8. Cola isn’t new here. We first published her story 3 years ago when she had just published her book.

I reached back out to Cola because I knew grief is no stranger to her. She speaks openly about her struggles and has such a genuine spirit. She made time in her schedule and we talked about her grieving process and how she has managed to keep going after her losses.

Watch my full interview with her below, or listen to it here. If you prefer to read the transcript, you can find it here.

Be sure to get a copy of her book. You can order it here. Also check out her skincare line at

Read Cola’s original story below:

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