TBT: Gems From Cynthia Kunze’s Story – The Spectators at the Scene

I’ve been thinking lately of how there are often people around us who witness our pain. People who are drawn to the drama of our trauma not because they want to help, but because they are intrigued and our situation is entertaining to them to a degree.

A few years ago, we ran a story on a woman whose life what drastically altered by a horrific accident she was involved in that claimed the life of her friend. As she lay on the road severely injured, people gathered around to see what the commotion was about. Cynthia’s friend, who was still alive but in desperate need of medical attention, was bleeding out.

Inaction is costly

“When I saw the condition my friend was in, I knew we were dying.”

When Cynthia saw people gathering around the scene of the accident, she was hopeful, thinking they were there to help, but all they did was stare. Sadly, her friend died because she had lost too much blood by the time she finally arrived at the hospital. If only one of the many people standing around had chosen to help.

A good number of people who stand around and watch you struggle freeze because they simply do not know how to help you. However, some people find amusement in your circumstances. What you are going through is a spectacle to them and they have no intention of helping. Others stick around to report what has happened to you, and while they may not lend you a hand, others may hear their report and come to your rescue. And then there are the Good Samaritans who may not know what they are doing, but are willing to get their hands dirty to help us. God bless them.

Sometimes our emotional injuries are public and we do not have the luxury of privacy. So you find yourself dealing with the direct impact of your fresh wounds in front of an audience. There will always be spectators to your pain. Do not let their inaction get the best of you.

Cynthia had a long healing journey ahead of her with many twists and turns. Read her remarkable story below and tell us what takeaways you find.

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