TBT: Gems From Erica’s Story – ‘Push Through Life, Don’t be Pulled’

Three years ago, I interviewed a woman by the name of Erica Elita Edwards. At the time, she had just embarked on a new venture, her talk show What Matters with Erica Elita. I had met Erica at an empowerment workshop and from the little that she had shared about her story, I knew I wanted to interview her for an in-depth story on TWSC so I reached out to her.

Erica detailed some of the defining moments in her life, and as she opened up about her inspiring journey, I was in awe of her grace, wisdom and strength. There are many gems in her story, but I want to focus on one short but power-packed quote she gave during our interview.

“Push through life, don’t be pulled.”

Erica Elita Edwards

As I reflected on these words today, I thought about areas in my life where I am allowing myself to be pulled and not pushing through.

It’s all about your will

Pushing requires intentional effort on your part to move something to a desired location or out of your way. It requires strength, determination and will. Being pulled means that something external is forcing you into a direction against your will. In both scenarios, there is a struggle and your will is tested. The difference is that when you push through, you are fighting to move forward; when you allow yourself to be pulled, you are giving away your power and allowing whatever is pulling you to win. Don’t let life get the best of you. Dig in your heels and remain grounded. There will always be tension in life. While many things are out of our control, we can choose how we respond.

Erica’s story is filled with inspiration. Read it below and tell us what your takeaways are!

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