TBT: Gems from Sinikiwe’s Story – You Always Have What You Need

Image provided by Sinikiwe Kademaunga

A couple of years ago, I interviewed a woman with a determination like none other. Sinikiwe Kademaunga was born with no limbs and no knees but she resolved to enjoy life to the fullest no matter what. Sinikiwe is a motivational speaker with copious confidence, and as a life coach, helps people discover the same kind of confidence within themselves that she possesses.

As you might imagine, being different presented some challenges growing up. Sinikiwe’s parents struggled to come to terms with her disability. Her mother was blamed for her condition and her father was absent. It was her maternal grandmother’s love she relished in. It nourished her. She insisted on making sure she didn’t treat Sinikiwe any different from the other children. Perhaps this is why Sinikiwe doesn’t place any limitations on herself.

1. You will always get what you need…even when you think you don’t

Naturally, we would expect Sinikiwe’s parents to be the ones to raise her. She was their child; they brought her into the world, who better to raise her, right? But they didn’t. Her grandmother turned out to be the best person for the task. God always puts someone in your path to give you what you need. You may not get what you need from the place you expected it to come from, but it will come nonetheless.

2. What Limitations?

I’m sure it may have seemed harsh to others that Sinikiwe’s grandmother didn’t give her grandchild special leniency because of her condition. She treated her the same. Sometimes we want people to adjust to our perceived limitations and yet there are times when the greatest gift someone can give you is to treat you like everyone else because it forces you to grow. And there is far more liberation in knowing that you do not depend on other people’s accommodation.

3. The most influence

Despite all the love and affection from her grandmother and others around her, it’s how Sinikiwe viewed herself that impeded her happiness.

“I was surrounded by so much love. Even in school, I was in a mainstream class and everyone treated me well. But I always felt different. I couldn’t accept my body and it affected my confidence. I thought I wasn’t beautiful and my body was not awesome.”

Sinikiwe Kademaunga

You have more control over your own happiness than you think.

4. Choose you

We often romanticize the idea of someone coming along and choosing to love us explicitly for who we are. But what if we chose to be that someone? It took some time but Sinikiwe’s confidence grew when she embraced her body and chose to love herself completely. Others noticed and were drawn to her. Never be afraid to be who you are.

“No matter how different I look, I have something to bring to the table.”

Sinikiwe Kademaunga

Read Sinikiwe Kademaunga’s inspiring story below. What gems do you find in her story?

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