To Me, With Love

As I stand here and stare at the reflection in the mirror, I realize my victim is no stranger – we share the same heartbeat. Though I’ve known you since birth, I confess that I haven’t always been good to you. I’ve neglected my responsibility to always treasure you, and now it’s time to make amends.

Often times, I’ve put you down and judged you harshly. On many occasions, I thought less of you and criticized you for not being “good enough.”

Many times I told you that you weren’t smart enough, pretty enough or fun enough. More often than not, I stood face to face with you and scrutinized your appearance – highlighting all the negative things reflected through the mirror instead of embracing all of you.

I examined your features through the microscopic lens of pop culture’s definition of beauty. How could I have looked down on you for not possessing the same level of physical appeal that perfect lighting, flawless make-up and Photoshop produce?

I apologize to you for comparing you to others and not appreciating your unique talents presented as a gift from God.

Acknowledged wrong is never complete without forgiveness. I forgive you for making mistakes – some more ridiculous than others, but those mistakes do not define you. I forgive you for making excuses for behavior that did not reflect your maker. I give you permission to cry, laugh, play, and above all, to love yourself wholeheartedly.

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