Be Happy About You

Your life is full of beauty and excellence because you are created in the image and likeness of God. Your spirit is so beautiful and your spirit is where God lives. Your spirit has the life and nature of God and that is the real you.

You may never really discover the real you, how beautiful and excellent you are until you start looking inwards, into your spirit and refuse to allow the flesh to control you. You are loving and kind because the love of God is in your heart. You are not the angry, unhappy, frustrated person that your mind or Satan tries to depict you as.

You may be concerned about your looks, or that you are overweight, too tall or too dark, but that should not make you unhappy and it should not make you give up on yourself because you are fearfully and
wonderfully made (Psalms 139 v 14).

Do not try to look like someone else because you are the best version of you. Be happy about you and treat yourself right. God made you the crown of His creation and the best of all that he has made. Never mind the challenges you are facing or how hard life is for you. All you need to know is that God is in control.

There is no other you. Make each moment special and the best for yourself.
Life comes to you in phases and each phase comes with its own
accomplishments. Success is by design therefore follow the design. The author of life, time and you is God. Do not come to God with your methods, ask God how to do it.

Know who you are and find purpose in life. Be happy about you because there are so many people whom you inspire but you are not aware of it.

Live each day as if it is your last day on earth and enjoy each moment knowing that God is your provider and comforter. You were created to be the light of the world, therefore shine because God is with you

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