Author: Naume Mubure

  • Jehovah Jireh

    “And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah-jireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of Jehovah it shall be provided.” – Genesis 22:14 (ASV).  Abraham was asked by God to offer his only son of old age as a sacrifice and he listened. When he was about to slay his son, God called out to him and told him not to lay a hand on Isaac. God then provided an animal which Abraham used for the sacrifice. Abraham, despite the fact that God had blessed him with Isaac when he was now very old, listened to God’s instruction to offer his son as a sacrifice. This is how God tests us in our lives. There… Continue reading "Jehovah Jireh"

  • TWSC Submission: How Discrimination Nearly Derailed My Success

    My name is Tanunurwa Wellwisher Mangava. I am a married mother of two children. I live in Harare, Zimbabwe in a house which my husband and I built. I am a full-time editor at Zimbabwe Open University (same grade as lecturer).  I am also a part-time tutor at the same institution.  I am a counsellor on a part-time basis and I am the leader of the Social Welfare Committee of Budiriro North AFM Church Assembly. I started work as a copy typist at the University of Zimbabwe and was promoted to the post of secretary in the public law department in 1990.  I was then further promoted in 1995 to the post of senior secretary at the University of Zimbabwe… Continue reading "TWSC Submission: How Discrimination Nearly Derailed My Success"

  • Pray, Plan and Pursue

    At the beginning of each year, we have resolutions that we try to accomplish during the year. We have some of last year’s resolutions which were not accomplished, so we need to do things differently to make sure this year turns out differently. You need to set your goals, prepare and take action. Do not fear failure. When you try but fail, be happy because you have just learnt one way not to doing something. When you pray about your resolutions, you need to plan how you are going to accomplish them. Then pursue the plan so that what you want and have been praying for becomes reality. Habakkuk 2:2-3 says “And the Lord answered me, and said, write the… Continue reading "Pray, Plan and Pursue"

  • Take a Chance

    Every person has some things that hold them back from being their best. It could be money, fear, health, family, job, education, generational curses and the list is endless. When you take a chance to know God and give your all to Him, everything will change for you. Mark 5:25-29 reads, “And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood for twelve years, and had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse, when she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. For she said, if I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. And straight away the… Continue reading "Take a Chance"

  • How This Woman is Designing Clothes Using Plastic and Newspapers

    Tell us more about yourself Lydia Lynn Tembo is my name and I am 22 years old. I work as a maid in Cape Town. My father passed away when I was two months old so I was raised by my mother. It was not easy for her to put food on the table for us but she tried her best. Growing up seeing my mother working so tirelessly pained me so much that I told myself that whatever job which comes my way I will take it as long as it will give me money and assist my mother in taking care of the family. My mother then passed away in 2015 when I was 18 years old. You… Continue reading "How This Woman is Designing Clothes Using Plastic and Newspapers"