Beauty & Wellness Consultant Grace Zichawo Talks Growing Multiple Businesses

Photo provided by Grace Zichawo

Grace Zichawo is a certified beauty, etiquette and wellness consultant, an entrepreneur and a spa educator. She is the founder a Grace Beauty Chic, a beauty shop that sells professional beauty and wellness products and provides wellness experiences and spa consulting in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is also the founder of Elite Wellness Consultancy, a subsidiary of the internationally renowned Elite School of Beauty, where she is also the business development manager and a spa educator.

We reached out to Grace to find out about her entrepreneurial journey.

Tell us about yourself!

Deep down though, I am a people person. I love people, and I am obsessed with watching people grow! I am simply a catalyst to help you become the best version of yourself! Driven by my core values of professionalism, energy, excellence, growth and vitality, I am a hard-worker with a strong drive, passion and resilient willpower for all I do, which is helping people in my industry grow!

How do you juggle being a consultant, entrepreneur and educator?

Multitasking makes sense to me because all my various pursuits fall in one industry: the beauty and wellness industry. With three jobs and a life to live, I have had to sacrifice a lot of time to focus and to build my portfolio. The key word is sacrifice. I have had to make the intentional effort to let go of other activities for the sake of building my business and achieving my goals. It hasn’t been easy, but my ‘why’ keeps me going – and that is to create a world of wellness for my students and clients.

Tell us more about Elite Wellness Consultancy.

The consultancy business originally stems from me being a culprit of poor habits, constant fatigue, low energy and zero motivation. I used to struggle accomplishing the daily tasks of both business and personal needs until one day I chose to be intentional of how I felt and take care of my own body’s wellness needs and work goals.

Starting with setting aside time for self-care and wellness activities, I began to see changes in my productivity, motivation and energy, which through constant practice and consistency turned [into] a passion and from a passion [into] a business: Elite Wellness Consultancy.

Elite Wellness Consultancy offers a range of psychological and wellbeing services to individuals and organizations. Our focus is on helping each client live in the best way possible right now rather than concentrating only on what’s ahead. We exist to give our clients holistic service which will lead to them living enriched healthy and happy lives.

What would you say are the challenges that women face in regard to excelling in the wellness and beauty industry?

Wellness is a relatively new concept, especially in Zimbabwe. And while beauty has been around for quite some time, it’s perceived as a luxury here, whereas in other countries (especially Middle-Eastern cultures), it is seen as a necessity, resulting in demanded business.

The two combined together, wellness and beauty can be a challenging market to serve because it needs the entrepreneur to first educate the market before making an offer. While this serves as a business opportunity, without the persistent patience, effort and consistency required, it then becomes a challenge for aspiring entrepreneurs in this industry. I have watched many people start and stop too soon due to demotivation from the initial slow influx of clients. It needs one to stay focused while building a strong foundation before the returns start actualising.

What motivates you, and what do you love most about the wellness and beauty business?

As an educator in the growing beauty and wellness industry, I am strongly motivated by the desire to influence my mentees and those who look up to me. My biggest joy comes from watching my beauty students transform from mediocrity to blossoming into their highest potential. I wake up and dress up each morning with a mission to educate and inspire at least one student in my class to choose professionalism and excellence over being average. I am motivated and driven by those who entrust me to journey this unique path called life with them.

What do I love most about the beauty and wellness business? Work is fun; it’s involving, it’s smiles, relaxation, growth, joy, and it’s money. Giving someone hope for a brighter future is rewarding. Work for me is decorated; it’s colourful and sparks all the joy in me. No day is ever the same – and that is what I love most!

What advice would you give to women who want to venture into this line of business?

Start today, stay focused, stay excited and enjoy the journey. People buy your enthusiasm, not your product.

Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: @gracebeautychic

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