Chronicles of a DIYer: Avocado & Honey Face Mask

After a couple of late nights, I thought it would be a good idea to help my skin out a bit with a mask. I found several DIY mask recipes online and decided to stick to avocado and honey. The ingredients I used were:

✓ 1/8 avocado

(adjust depending on the size of the avocado. The one I had was quite large)

✓ 1 tsp honey

It’s better to use an avocado that’s quite soft so that it’s easier to mash.


1. Mash the avocado and honey together with a fork or spoon. I first mashed the mixture with a fork then further smoothed it with a spoon. It’s okay if it ends up being a bit lumpy.

2. Clean your face with warm water and apply the mask.

3. After at least 20 minutes, rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

* You can also add other ingredients to the mask (and adjust the quantity of the avocado and honey) such as oatmeal, banana, egg, or lemon. Some people may find that their skin is sensitive to certain ingredients such as lemon so I’d suggest you test such a mask under your chin for a few minutes in case your skin does not agree with it. If you react, either adjust the quantity of the ingredient or don’t use it altogether.


What Went Well:
  • The ingredients were simple and the process did not involve a lot of fuss.
  • My skin looked brighter and felt smoother and hydrated.
  • I like the simplicity of knowing exactly what’s going onto my skin.
What Was Not So Good:
  • The mixture is quite gloopy so make sure you wear something you don’t mind getting messy and/or stained.
  • If you leave the mask to harden it is a bit hard to wash off.
  • The smell is strong and tends to linger. I like the smell of avocados so I didn’t mind, but I can imagine how annoyed I’d be if I had added eggs since I despise the smell of them.
What I’ll Do Next Time:
  • Leave the mask on for a shorter time (I had left mine on for about 2 hours as I got on with life – bad idea).
  • Use an avocado that’s room temperature or warm it up (I had removed mine from the fridge so it was quite cold going on).
  • Not put the mask quite as close to my hairline. It was a bit hard getting it out of my hair (especially given how dry the mask was).

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