Cookbook Author and Chef Liziwe Matloha Shares Her Love of Food

Photo provided by Liziwe Matloha

Born and raised in Boskop, a rural area in Potchefstroom, South Africa, Liziwe Matloha is a chef, a cookbook author and food editor. She is also a wife and mother of three.

What would you say is your greatest strength?

The love I have for my family. It’s the reason for my motivation to work hard and to succeed. They are my strength.

What motivated you to venture into the food industry?

I love food – not just any but good food that’s tasty. It’s a passion on its own because I find peace and understanding in the kitchen. I absolutely love and enjoy cooking and creating dishes that leave diners speechless, dishes that are simply timeless.

Tell us more about your book “Dinner at Matlohas.”

My book was created in 2015. I compiled recipes from my dinner table and some from my cooking classes. That is where I drew my inspiration from. Recipes are easy to understand with pantry staple ingredients that are budget-friendly.

The book is for a South African palette. It consists of anything from breakfast dishes to the popular seven colours dishes.

How do you manage being in business and being a family woman as well?

You have to find a balance in-between because these are the most important parts of my life. I’m fortunate to [have] a supportive family like mine. They all understand that at the end of it all, Mummy comes home to us, and whenever I am home, I make it up for lost times.

Tell us more about being a recipe developer.

This is actually the most exciting part of it all – creating something with the final results being amazing and enjoyed and shared by many.

The creating process is really easy actually when you start building from the ingredients that you already have, then go from there. It’s even more exciting when I’m challenged or put on a spot, given an ingredient and challenged to create something amazing out of it.

Any challenges you faced when starting up?

I am still facing challenges up to this day. It’s super hard when you are not popular, trying to make a name for yourself in this industry, let alone trying to sell a book. It’s super hard. Every day is a struggle. But we are not discouraged nor deterred. We are focused.

What is your advice to women who have a passion for what they do and want to climb the ladder in business?

Your dreams are valid. Put in the work and stay focused. Work towards your dreams and goals, and never forget to pray. It’s possible.

What keeps you going on tough days?

I’m more determined than anything. I made a decision a long time ago that I know I can achieve anything and everything if I work hard, stay determined, [am] goal-driven – believing that everything is possible. I do get bumps along the way, actually a lot of bumps, but this is not anyone’s dream but mine, so no one is here to build it or achieve it for me.

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