13 Fun Facts About Your Tongue

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We’re back with more interesting facts about your body. The reason we do these fun facts is to show you just how fearfully and wonderfully you are made. By taking the time to focus on how intricately you are designed, our hope is that you can begin to appreciate the real you so much more. You are a masterpiece that God carefully wove together long before you could even appreciate who you are. So love on yourself because you are a BIG DEAL!

  1. Today were going to zero in on your tongue and talk about some interesting facts about it.
  2. The average size of the tongue is just under 4 inches long.
  3. The average adult has a total of 2,000 to 8,000 taste buds. People with more taste buds are called supertasters, but we will get to that a little later.
  4. Each taste bud has between 50 to 150 receptor cells. These sensory cells are renewed every 9-10 days. That means the lifespan of a taste bud is less than 2 weeks! This regeneration is the reason why after burning your tongue on a hot beverage, your taste on that particular section of your tongue returns after a few days.
  5. About 25 percent of the population fall into a category called supertasters. These are people with a heightened sense of taste especially for a bitter food. Another quarter can be classified as non-tasters. They can taste food, however, they are less sensitive to bitter tastes. Generally, these are people who tend to add more spice and flavour to their food for it to taste good to them.
  6. Did you learn that there are certain zones of the tongue responsible for a particular taste? That is false. All taste can be sensed on every area of the tongue, however, the sides, back and tip of your tongue are more sensitive than the middle. This could be why you can sense bitter tastes more distinctly in these regions.
  7. Your tongue is comprised of eight different muscles that form a flexible matrix and are the only muscles in the human body that are not supported by the skeleton.
  8. Your tongue gains weight too! There is a correlation between the amount of fat on the tongue and obesity.
  9. Your tongue print is just as unique as your fingerprint.
  10. The colour of your tongue can give an indication about your overall health.
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  • Bright red – this could show folic acid or B12 deficiency, scarlet fever or Kawasaki disease;
  • White spots – this could be a sign of oral thrush which is a type of yeast infection or leukoplakia;
  • Black, hairy tongue – this could be due to bacterial overgrowth, may occur in people with diabetes or people taking antibiotics or undergoing chemotherapy.

11. Taste buds are not limited to your tongue. You have taste buds in your nose and sinuses, the back of your throat, your lips, on the roof of your mouth and inside of your cheeks.

12. As you age you lose taste buds. The average person is born with about 10,000 taste buds but the average elderly person may have just 5,000.

13. Be sure to brush your tongue because it is leading cause of bad breath.

14. The tip of the tongue is one of the most sensitive parts of your body.



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