Dear Dreamer…

You have probably envisioned your “happily ever after” based on your dream. You have a clear picture of where you are headed, but the question is what is the next step? How will you get there? Without a plan or strategy, your dream will always be just a dream.

For some reason, many dreamers think that speaking out their dream will take them to their destination. By speaking it out, all you have done is define your dream. Speaking it out without action will not get anything done for you. Define that dream, get up and work for that reality. Your dreams do not work, they just guide you.

While working towards your dream, don’t be fooled into thinking that everyone will believe in your dream. The nods and thumbs-up do not really count.

Sometimes you will be laughed at in your face or behind your back. I have come to realize that being sure of what you want does not protect you from criticism and negative energy, it actually attracts attention.

They could be laughing because of your past – basing their judgment on what they already know about you and what they see. Your past failures make them doubt that you will make it this time around. Don’t let it get to you. Continue to work hard and give your story the ending you want.

But that will only happen if you get started on that dream.

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