Dear “I’m-Not-Good-Enough”…

It’s sad how suddenly all your confidence was stripped from you and you were left naked in shame and insecurities.

Before you met him, you were your own fan and nothing was strong enough to pull you down, which is why this turnaround is so puzzling. The day you met him, you lost yourself and everything became all about him. Is that what love is truly about?

Sadly, you absorbed his insecurities and unknowingly, they became your own. So much so that when he implied you were not the total package, you didn’t challenge him. Instead, you felt lucky that he loved you.

The other day you cried when he told you that you weren’t beautiful enough for him. He said you would be beautiful if you “dress like Anna, walk like Carol and have a body like Tracy’s, then you would be perfect…”

Unfortunately, you believed him.

Yesterday he told you he was ashamed of you. According to him, you are basically not good enough for him, but he can’t help that he loves you.

It’s funny how he refuses to affirm his love for you in public, but says he chose you over every other girl. I wonder…what kind of love is this?

The problem is that very few of us are comfortable in our own skin.

“If you were asked to mention the things you love, would you mention yourself?” one wise man asked.

We tend to attach value to ourselves according to how others perceive us. Sadly, we are giving so much power to the wrong people all in the name of love. We let them decide how we should look and be, and in the process self is shadowed.

No one will love you better than yourself. Be confident in your own skin and let no one shake you. The truth is no matter what they think or say, you are already beautiful.

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