TWSC Post-Me: Making The Picture

What a beautiful picture.

It speaks to me because the reason the photographer stopped to capture this image was most likely because of the green flower. It’s what makes the picture so captivating.

What if the green flower spent its days wallowing in shame and distress because it didn’t look like the other flowers?

What if it spent its days and nights in tears, asking its creator why it was created different?

And yet it’s this very difference that transforms this beautiful picture into an extraordinary one.

We have a natural tendency to want to conceal what makes us stand out because we want to fit in and be accepted. But if we just take a look at ourselves through a different lens, we will see that we MAKE the picture.

There is a beauty in every woman that shines bright when she embraces all the traits that make her unique, and realizes that though she is different, she is beautiful nonetheless.

Although her uniqueness may be a nuisance to bear at times, the greatest gift she can give herself is the freedom to celebrate that which makes her rare.


Photo credit: Rumbidzai K. Musvosvi

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