Dear Trouble, I’m Ready…

I am not amused. For years I’ve kept my composure and refrained from addressing you directly. In fact, I’ve been afraid of you most of my life.

When I was child, people around me shielded me from your blows. As a young adult, I thought I could run from you. But now that I am older, I’m learning exactly how to deal with you.

One of the things I take issue with is that you always show up unannounced. You don’t give me any notice before your intended ‘visit’. It would be nice if you at least called first. Come to think of it, you often come just in time to interrupt something good in my life. How rude and inconsiderate of you!

Another thing you like to do is send your representatives one after the other. The first one barges into my life, and while I am still dealing with them, you send another…and then another!

Trouble, I don’t have time for you.

Perhaps what annoys me the most is that you expect me to prioritize you. All of a sudden, you expect to be the most important thing in my life – demanding my full attention which you have not earned. The sole thing I respect about you is that you do not discriminate. Rich, poor…you treat us alike. You are not intimidated by power, prestige, race or class.

I really wish you respected boundaries, but you don’t. Every area of my life seems to be fair game to you. I’ve also noticed that you take on many different forms. Sometimes you are bold and show up dressed as yourself; other times you try to trick me by disguising yourself as something good. Sometimes you barge in and terrorize me head on. Other times you try to sneak up while I’m distracted. But you know what? I’m getting better at recognizing you from a distance.

I recently found out a secret about you – something that you don’t like the people you afflict to know. I discovered that, contrary to popular belief, you have to get permission to enter my life. You can’t touch me unless God allows you to. Not only that, but God actually has the ability to change you from something bad into something good! Now I realize that you are not as powerful as I once believed.

I’m writing this letter to inform you that I no longer fear you. In fact, I look forward to you coming because I know that your presence ultimately strengthens my faith. The harder you hit me, the longer I stay on my knees. The more you swing at me, the stronger I become. The deeper you cut me, the thicker my skin grows back. What you intended for evil God will use for good. So come and get me! I’ll be waiting…


Former victim

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