Dear Woman

This is an assertion to every woman out there: You are beautiful – a beautiful beauty that radiates from within. You are more than that: you are fire, spirit and force combined. Life forces often compress and pressure you and instead of dissolving away, you come out as beautiful as a diamond! A rare diamond cooked under intense pressure.

Your metaphorical process is so intense that the world thinks you won’t make it out. Little do they know that you become whatever you need to be whenever you need to be it.

A woman becomes different versions of herself – lover, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, just to name a few. This goes to show that you are phenomenal because in each version, you are the best you can be.

Recently, l attended an International Women’s Day celebration. What struck me the most about the gathering is how today’s woman has become a norm breaker, a trendsetter and leader. A woman who is confident enough to love others enough to love themselves. Women who embrace their womanhood as it is.

We have been conditioned to believe that all we can be is second-class citizens who have no say in how the system is run. And so, when a bold woman who has metamorphosised enough to take the bull by its horns to cross sensitive lines, she is criticised for being too loud and too forward. But who cares?

Woman, you are a life-giving force, the mother of races and tribes. Despite the drastic transformation of your physique, you withstand it all with spectacular grace. The scars of time and experience make a beautiful mosaic that is you.

You hold the power of multiplicity; you are a mother. You are the one that goes beyond feeding, cleaning, cooking to being the one who understands what each look, smile and gesture from your offspring means. Without you as our centrepiece, how would we hold it together? We would collapse into pieces.

You are an alpha female! The one who fiercely guards her own no matter the circumstances. Oh woman, l celebrate you this month for in the midst of chaos, the words and gestures you emit keep us grounded and firm. Even men in chess fear losing their queen; that’s just how majestic you are!

You are fire, force and spirit combined.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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